Sample Employment Contract – Understanding the Basics of an Employment Contract employment ad sample

If you are getting ready to hire somebody and think you might need an employment contract it is important to ensure that you do some research before you proceed. An employment contract offers both you and your employee a certain amount of protection and spells out important boundaries and rules associated with your agreement to employ a particular person. If you have never had to use an employment contract then a good place to start is with a sample employment contract.

A sample contract can serve two purposes, one is a contract that is already drawn up by your company and is offered as a sample to the prospective employee to review. This allows the employee to decide whether these terms are things that they can accept and whether they really want to work for this particular company. A sample is also a document that you can download off of the Internet if you are in charge of making up an employment contract and are unsure how to go about doing so.

When creating an employment contract there are a number of different things you will want to include in your contract, it should contain all of the important details about your company as well as where the employee will be working within the company and what their official job title will be. Salary should be discussed as well as any pay raise scales that are in effect for this position and any types of vacations or bonuses that are offered as a part of the benefits package.

You will want add in a work schedule as it applies to the job, any benefits that are offered with the position and when they are available, what the probation period is if there is one, and of course when the employee will start work. There are a number of other details you may wish to add to the contract that are specific to the job being offered. It is important to start out with a sample contract that you give to the employer simply because if there are to be any negotiations in the terms of their employment it needs to happen before the final contract is drawn up.

A sample employment contract is a useful tool that can help spell out the specifics of employment as well as offer an opportunity for employer and employee to decide on the smaller details of the contract. Used correctly there should be no doubt left for either party as to what is expected under the terms of employment.

Sample Employment Contract – Understanding the Basics of an Employment Contract